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  You will find below some links to sites related to panoramic photography.
  Feel free to send us the coordinates of your site if it does not appear in the list below.
  Acceptance of referencing is left to the only discretion of Sitopano who will bring no justification whatsoever for failure to refer
  of the communicated link.

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Forums on panoramic photography

  On this page you will find links to the forums dealing some or all parts of the panoramistic technique 

Tutorials on panoramic photography

  Sites exposing the basis of panoramic photography technique. Useful for beginners


  On this page are listed the assembly software best known. They still exist many others. We invite you to browse
  the sites providing lists more or less detailed at the end of page for a more comprehensive approach to specific programs.
  Most of the programs described here offer trial versions of their programs.

Software Tutorials

  User Guide for products Autopano and Pano2VR

Specific equipments

  This page is intended to present some examples links to the sites of manufacturers of panoramic heads non-essential but
  extremely useful for making acceptable views.


  For Europeans, here are links to various hardware vendors useful for the panoramists

Blogs and Sites panoramists

  Small selection of sites and blogs dedicated to panoramic photography

Images hosting

  Sites to host the panoramas that you have made

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